Zion National Park – Following The Trail

By | November 27, 2019

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Zion National Park. Source: (Wikipedia)

Zion National Park is breathtakingly beautiful but can be dangerous as well if you happen to be a hiker up on these mountains and you do not follow the trail very carefully.

The Cultures Behind The Land

According to archeologists, there were four different cultural periods of time that helped, and continue to help, shape this area including today.

The first period of time is referred to as the Archaic Period that started thousands of years ago up through 500 A.D. During this time period, the people hunted for their meat and gathered wild plants, seeds, and nuts. There are some artifacts left (however not much) that reveal that they made items such as baskets, nets, sandals, stone knives, drills, and dart points.

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Pithouse. Source: (pinterest.com)

The next time period was called the Formative Period. This period was from 500 A.D. to 1300 A.D. People during this time period were horticulturists. Two groups, referred to as Virgin Anasazi and Parowan Fremont, created villages by setting up pithouses and storage costs. To assist with their storage needs, they made ceramic vessels, which they also used in preparing the food. It was during this time era that the bow and arrow became popular.