World Famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

By | April 18, 2019

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A massive fire breaks out in the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Looking very similar to this wallpaper image related to a video game called Assassins Creed, a fire literally did take place here just recently. Coincidence or a Prophetic sign? Either way it was a devastating blow to the Cathedral on Monday, April 15, 2019 and right at the beginning of Holy Week. Over 400 firemen were on the scene working to put out the blaze that took hours to accomplish. Luckily only one person sustained injury which was one of the firemen. As of the date of this writing, it has been established as accidental but investigations are still going on.  

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Source: (

This picture is what the Cathedral looked like before the fire. The spire shown here was destroyed as onlookers watched it fall blazing into the engulfing flames below it. It was a somber moment as the crowd moaned in despair. Structurally though, the building is still intact and is repairable. A team of people swung into action to salvage the “treasures” inside including the Crown of Thorns that is believed to have been worn by Jesus Christ. According to early reports, all of the holy relics have been saved thanks to the many that helped to make it happen. The fire was believed to have started in the roof or attic area.