Working-Class Suffers Blow from California's Fast-Food Minimum Wage

By Ian Banks | May 3, 2024

Chain eateries

The Wall Street Journal reports that a typical $16 meal at Chick-fil-A in Hollywood now costs $20, showcasing the broader effects of this law on food prices throughout the state. 

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This 25 percent surge in meal prices is a direct result of the new minimum wage regulation targeting chain eateries in California. The significant price hike is turning even a basic fast-food meal into a costly expense for regular patrons, adding to the financial burden on households already grappling with high living expenses in the state. 

Federal policies

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The escalating fast-food costs in California are not a result of federal policies but are directly tied to state laws. Local government initiatives, spearheaded by Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislators, are driving these adjustments.