'Woke' Protesters Face Warning of Prison Time

By Bo Beard | May 20, 2024

Ohio AG Dave Yost

Ohio's Republican Attorney General is responding to critics following his caution that individuals participating in anti-Israel protests while wearing masks could potentially face imprisonment under state law.

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Ohio AG Dave Yost emphasized the protection afforded by the First Amendment, allowing individuals to express their views, even if they are considered hateful. However, he pointed out that the First Amendment serves as a shield against government interference, not as a weapon against fellow students who also have rights. 


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Yost highlighted the importance of balancing free speech rights with the rights of others to access education and campus facilities without disruption. In a letter dispatched on Monday, Yost alerted university leaders to a longstanding state law that could lead to serious consequences for masked anti-Israel demonstrators at college campuses, potentially resulting in felony charges.