Vintage Ads That Would Never Be Allowed Today

CULTURE | March 31, 2017

Written by Kennita Leon Rose

No one likes having to relive the days when men thought women to be lesser creatures, both in strength and intelligence. Thinking that woman were only there to satisfy men in the bedroom, cook their meals, clean the house, iron their clothes and look good while doing it. Well sadly, in some places, this way of thinking still exists. Luckily in the Western world, we are way passed such things (I'm hoping) and we have accepted women as equals, as they should be. But a few decades ago, we still had a ways to go. These are some of the ads that were printed during that time, but would never be allowed today. 

Not Strong Enough

Seems as if women were being portrayed as being so weak and helpless that they couldn’t even open a bottle of ketchup. But don’t worry there is one that they can open. Just wow! 

Women are most definitely not weak or helpless. 

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Kennita Leon Rose


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