Untouched Treasures: Extraordinary Historic Photos That Redefine the Past

CULTURE | September 8, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

It is the people of the past…the famous and the common person…that make our history so fascinating and memorable. People are what has shaped the events of our past and lead us to where we are today. The human traits of curiosity, determination, innovation, compassion, humor, strength, and bravery in the face of obstacles are what is showcased in this collection of images from days gone by. 

Sonora Webster Carver, One of the World's First Horse Divers, Continued to Dive Even After An Accident Left Her Blind

Source: Reddit

In the early part of the twentieth century, horse diving was a popular tourist attraction along Atlantic City’s pier. In 1924, Sonora Webster Carver, one of the first female horse divers, achieved fame when she and her horse dove 40 feet from a platform into a tank of water. Crowds loved Carver and marveled at her bravery. In 1931, Carver hit the water at an odd angle and suffered a retinal detachment in her eyes. She soon became blind, but continued to dive horses for another 11 years, despite her disability. 

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