Uncovering the Unexpected Side of History

By Sarah Norman | September 20, 2023

Excavation site at the Sphinx, 1850.

History is full of surprises, and this photo gallery is no exception! Get ready to uncover an unexpected side of history and discover a world that you may not have known existed. From moments that are both quirky and captivating to rare glimpses into the past, these images offer a unique perspective on the world we live in today.

Take a journey back in time to an era of bouffant hairstyles, psychedelic music, and flower power. These photos will transport you to a world that is both familiar and foreign at the same time, and they will leave you feeling nostalgic and informed. Whether you lived through this era or you're simply curious to learn more, these images are sure to captivate and delight.

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In 1850, the Sphinx was still shrouded in mystery as a team of archaeologists and engineers began to excavate the site. After months of work, they uncovered an ancient temple beneath its feet, filled with hieroglyphics that told stories of forgotten civilizations. The discovery sent shockwaves through the archaeological community, revealing secrets about the past that had been hidden for centuries. It was an exciting time for history buffs and adventurers alike, as the excavation opened up a new world of knowledge about the origins of humanity.

A reindeer looks on as World War II planes drop bombs on Russia, 1941.

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On a cold winter night in 1941, the sky above Russia was illuminated by the light of World War II planes as they dropped their deadly payloads. Below them, a reindeer looked on with wide eyes and a fear-filled heart, its antlers shaking from the thunderous roar of the engines. The sight was an unsettling reminder of the conflict that had engulfed Europe since 1939, and it seemed to be a sign of darker days ahead for both man and animal alike.