UFOS And Men In Black, The True Story Of The Maury Island Incident

By Sarah Norman | October 3, 2023

One Of The First Modern UFO Sightings Occurred In The Pacific Northwest

On June 21, 1947, an intriguing incident unfolded over the picturesque landscapes of Maury Island, nestled within the scenic Puget Sound region. This event, now known as the Maury Island UFO sighting, captivated the attention of both locals and the wider public. It involved the sudden appearance of UFOs and a series of perplexing circumstances that continue to fascinate UFO enthusiasts and researchers alike. Join us as we delve into the details of this enigmatic encounter, exploring the accounts, investigations, and lasting impact of the Maury Island UFO sighting.

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During the summer of 1947, a peculiar incident occurred off the coast of Maury Island in South Puget Sound. Harold Dahl, accompanied by his son Christopher, two workers, and their dog, embarked on a routine boating excursion. Harold's primary activity involved collecting floating logs from the Sound to sell to lumber mills.

According to Dahl's account, on June 21 at precisely 2 o'clock in the afternoon, their attention was captured by the sudden appearance of six unidentified flying objects in the sky above their boat. Astonishingly, one of these saucer-shaped crafts abruptly exploded, causing a peculiar metallic substance to rain down from the heavens. Tragically, the family dog lost its life, and Christopher suffered burns on his arm as a result of this unusual occurrence.

The UFO Wrecked Dahl and Crisman's Lives

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Dahl claimed that after his son was injured, his boat was damaged, and his dog was killed by UFO debris that the craft steadied itself, rose into the air and zipped away at an impossible speed. He later noted that when he returned to Tacoma he told his superior officer, Fred Crisman, about the incident which led Crisman to investigate the sound. If Dahl, his son, and Crisman were trying to keep this story to themselves they did a poor job because they were soon the talk of Tacoma.