Two DEI deans at MIT are serial plagiarists, lawsuit claims

By Bo Beard | May 16, 2024

Serial plagiarism

In a recent complaint, it has been alleged that two DEI deans hired by MIT in 2021 during the aftermath of the George Floyd protests and the broader racial reckoning in the country, particularly within higher education institutions, plagiarized significant portions of their dissertations.

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The report published today by Aaron Sibarium of The Free Beacon outlines the scale of the purported serial plagiarism carried out by Tracie Jones-Barrett and Alana Anderson, who were among the deans of diversity, equity, and inclusion recruited by the Boston institution in June 2021.

71-page complaint

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A 71-page complaint was submitted to the university, highlighting numerous pages, excerpts, and concepts that each woman allegedly copied from other scholars for their respective dissertations.