Things Unseen But Have Tremendous Power

CULTURE | September 4, 2019

Invisible Things. Source: (open-mind.com)

Ever stop to think about all the invisible things in the world that are invisible yet so powerful? It is not hard to imagine the power in the tangible things, which we are able to see with the naked eye, such as a train wreck or a house being torn down by a wrecking ball. Those are things that carry a powerful punch that is possible to be seen as it happens. There are so many things we come into contact with every day, which can be seen with the natural eyes, that we are able to touch and feel. But what about the unseen things?

Oxygen. Source: (wikipedia.org)

Air (or oxygen)

One of those unseen things is air. It can be just as powerful. For example, it is possible to see the effects of what air or oxygen can do, but it cannot physically be seen. It is not a tangible object. We breathe it in, but we cannot see it. It is so powerful that, without it, mankind would physically die. Even plants and animals depend on oxygen to live. Oxygen is a necessary intangible ingredient for the survival of all living things.

Hurricane. Source: (kids.nationalgeographic.com)


The wind is air that moves swiftly, but it is still an invisible intangible force. We only see the effects of what it can do. It can be a soft wind that just moves a few leaves around in the yard, or it can become a strong deadly force, like a tornado or hurricane, wreaking havoc on everything that it comes in contact with destroying lives and property.  

Falling Objects. Source: (youtube.com)


Gravity is a different kind of force but also a force we cannot see. We see the effects of it by seeing things fall down (including ourselves), but we do not see the force that pulls those things down. Astronauts have to go through training on how to function without gravity before they go off into outer space because, in outer space, there is no gravity. That unseen force is only here on earth. It is like a magnet that pulls us toward the ground.

Carbon Monoxide. Source: (onsafety.cpsc.gov)

Vapors (or smells)

Vapors or certain smells are not only invisible but deadly as well.

There are certain smells or gases that are potent enough to kill someone just by smelling them, but yet we cannot see them. Carbon monoxide is one of them and is called the ‘silent killer,’ because it is an unseen toxic vapor. How can something invisible be so deadly just by smelling it?

Besides toxic chemicals, certain aromas can smell so bad that it may seem as though they are potent enough to kill but really just make us gag or vomit.   

Bacteria. Source: (wikimedia.org)


Germs are another example of something that can be deadly yet invisible. Germs are so tiny that they can only be observed through a microscope. Despite how small they are, they can be deadly by contributing to things like E.coli and other infectious diseases. Many of these infectious diseases have destroyed lives, through the spread of germs, by carrying them from one person to another. Especially in hospitals, germs can be spread from one patient to another unless certain precautions are observed. Schools and gyms are other locations where germs can be so rampant as to spread from one person to another. Many times students bring home germs they picked up from other sick students that can quickly spread to the rest of the family. People with compromised immune systems can get sick more easily and become more severe or even deadly in their case.

Atoms. Source: (reference.com)

Radio waves and Atoms

Radio waves are so powerful that they produce electromagnetic waves that can operate satellites, computers, radios, and other electronic equipment. Atoms as well cannot be seen, but yet there are trillions of them throughout the universe. These electromagnetic waves have made it possible to produce many types of electronic equipment such as microwave ovens. A microwave oven can cook our food so much faster than a traditional oven or stove, but we cannot see how it does it. In fact, it is actually dangerous to our eyes to even try to watch a microwave in operation.  

Minds. Source: (youtube.com)

Thoughts and Feelings

Every person in the world has something inside of them that cannot be seen by anyone -- not even themselves. That is thoughts and feelings. Thoughts can be powerful in many ways. If it were not for thoughts, none of the inventions throughout history would have come to life. The intellect is something scientists may try to measure, but it cannot physically be seen. Hypnotists may try to brainwash their subjects to control their actions, but the subject would have to be vulnerable enough to submit to them. For someone to even try to control someone’s thoughts proves that thoughts have to be pretty powerful. In fact, thoughts and feelings could be more powerful than anything else, because there are times when a person’s thoughts and feelings can lead them to do the unthinkable. They could destroy themselves or someone else because of negative thoughts and feelings. On the other side of the coin, positive thoughts and feelings could change the world for the better. Thoughts and feelings have the power to kill or the power to love.  

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