Things Unseen But Have Tremendous Power

By | August 21, 2019

Things Unseen

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Ever stop to think about all the invisible things in the world that are invisible yet so powerful? It is not hard to imagine the power in the tangible things, which we are able to see with the naked eye, such as a train wreck or a house being torn down by a wrecking ball. Those are things that carry a powerful punch that is possible to be seen as it happens. There are so many things we come into contact with every day, which can be seen with the natural eyes, that we are able to touch and feel. But what about the unseen things?

Air (or oxygen)

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One of those unseen things is air. It can be just as powerful. For example, it is possible to see the effects of what air or oxygen can do, but it cannot physically be seen. It is not a tangible object. We breathe it in, but we cannot see it. It is so powerful that, without it, mankind would physically die. Even plants and animals depend on oxygen to live. Oxygen is a necessary intangible ingredient for the survival of all living things.