The Wright Brothers

By | January 9, 2019

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William Wright and Orville Wright. Source: (

Wilber and Orville Wright are brothers and were born in Indiana and Ohio, respectively. As children, the boys were always very imaginative and interested in science. This was encouraged by their parents and the brothers have been known to say that if they did not have that encouragement, they would never have flown. Neither brother attended college. Wilbur was injured in a hockey accident. It took Wilbur three years to recover from his injuries. He then spent a couple of years caring for his ailing mother before she died from tuberculosis. Orville had been working at print shops during this time. Once Wilbur was available, they both opened their own printing shop. They actually designed and built their own presses and soon other printers were purchasing presses from the brothers.

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Wright Brothers Printing Press. Source: (

In 1892, the Wright brothers, in addition to the printing business, opened a bicycle shop. They designed, built, and repaired bicycles. The brother’s mechanical skills were put to good use, as they invented the self-oiling bicycle wheel and developed automatic machines to help build the bikes. Eventually, between the print and bicycle business, they made enough money to begin funding their flying machines.