The Truth About Aliens and Elongated Skulls Found in Peru

WORLD HISTORY | June 26, 2019

Sarmatians. Two deformed human skulls. Probably dated in the 3rd century BC. Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum. Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Ukraine. Source: (Photo by: PHAS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Down through history, there have been many stories about UFO sightings and other unusual unexplained events. Some of these events sound incredulous but could very well be true, while others sound true but are nowhere near true. How many of these stories are true but because they sound unbelievable no one takes them seriously? There are many times when something has happened that was totally unbelievable such as a person surviving a terrible accident that should have killed them, yet somehow they not only survived but came out of it without a scratch.

For whatever reason, certain topics are hot topics for debate and the topic of aliens appears to be one of them. Who should be the final authority on such topics? 

Paracas Skull DNA Testing. Source: (alien-ufo-sightings.com)

One of these controversial topics is some elongated skulls that were found in Peru. Reported DNA testing that was done in 2014 showed that they had mitochondrial DNA with mutations like no other human or animal known to man. These skulls were found on the south coast of Peru in a place known as Paracas. In 1928, Julio Tello (an archaeologist) found over 300 of these skulls in a massive grave, some of which could be as old as 3,000 years old.  

1,600 Year Old Skull. Source: (Ancient-origins.net)

Elongated skulls can be due to a practice called head binding or cranial deformation which is caused by purposely binding the head in cloth or between two pieces of wood. While this may have caused the changed shape of the skull, it is believed that it should not have altered any other structures of a regular human skull.

Warehouse of Giant Human Skeletons. Source: (pinterest.com)

There are those that believe these skulls are from the extra-terrestrial origin. They believe the Paracas people are what are called Nephilim. Nephilim are believed to be the offspring of the union of Fallen Angels and earthly women. This sounds incredible but no more incredible than the existence of witches or warlocks who communicate with the dead.  

Aliens. Source: (newstarget.com)

Alien stories have been going around for years. “Flying saucers” have been “spotted” near the Mayan Temple, over Windsor castle in England in the 17th century, over deserts described as large silver discs, over fields described as burning globes, over China described as dragons in the sky, and over Switzerland in 1104 described as fiery worms. Aliens have even been described as aerial sailors and some people in Kent, England described people jumping off a ship in the sky and swimming in the air.

Are aliens real or are they just a conspiracy by some for an elaborate cover-up scheme? If a conspiracy for a higher purpose, then it was concocted years and years ago. Will the truth ever totally be revealed?  

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