The Progression Of The Early Slavs

By | September 25, 2019

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Trade in an Early East Slavic State, 19th century. Private Collection. Artist : Anonymous. Source: (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images#599906863)

The Slavic people were an unusual group with little known facts about their origin. Most of what is known about them came through archaeological means and possibly biased writers.

The early Slavs were tribes that lived during what is called the Migration period and the Early Middle Ages (the Dark Ages). At that time they lived in Eastern Europe. According to the Romans, they were uncivilized, primitive, and violent.

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Living of East Slavs by Ivanov. Source: (

As they began to expand into other territories including Western and Southern Russia, they picked up other languages. They picked up the Iranian language and as they continually moved westward, they picked up some German lingo. The Slavic language is varied as it is mingled in with other languages such as the Proto-Slavic, the Balto-Slavic, and other language influencers such as German and Iranian.