The Oldest And Largest Car Graveyards

CULTURE | August 13, 2019

WHITE, GA, AUG 17: Michael S. Williamson. Source: (The Washington Post via Getty Images 486270136)

“Dean Lewis owns what he calls, "a 34-acre piece of art." He has thousands of old cars stored on his land (Called Old Car City) and since the wrecking yard business wasn't doing too well he decided to offer access to the place to art photographers for a fee. He charges $25.00 to take photos and $15.00 if you just want to walk around and see the cars that date back to the origin of the lot in 1931. The car culture in the U.S. is changing as a new generation is less interested in cars than their parents were. Some Millennials have opted to use Uber or Zip cars or public transportation and don't necessarily want to own a car.”

In White, Georgia is the largest classic car junkyard in the world. Referred to as Old Car City, it is now a museum where visitors can come and walk through over 4,000 classic cars. Back in 1931, it started out as a family owned general store and even now the place is still run by the family. Besides popular newspaper companies coming in to take pictures for ad campaigns or press releases, other famous people have come through. The last car that Elvis owned before he died is on the place as well as a car that was used in a movie starring Andy Griffith and Johnny Cash. 

Auto Graveyard in Detroit. Source: (commons.wikimedia.org)

The cars in this car graveyard are even older than the classic cars in Old Car City in Georgia. This auto graveyard in Detroit, Michigan is one of the oldest junkyards ever seen. These old junk cars and trucks were sent here to eventually go to the Great Lakes Steel Plant.  

Largest Car Graveyard Ever Seen. Source: (youtube.com)

There are some junkyards that buy and sell junk cars and they do this for a living. Then there are those who are just plain hoarders. Some junkyard dealers do not take time to organize their “junk” so the junkyard becomes a jumbled mess. A junkyard that gets out of control like this one with acres and acres of junk cars is simply not feasible. With no organization whatsoever in a junkyard this size, it is next to impossible to make any money. Someone looking for a particular part off of one of these junk cars would have a difficult time trying to find it -- like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Mustang Junkyard. Source: (jalopnik.com)

Another unorganized mess is this classic Mustang car junkyard. These have basically just come here to die. This junkyard holds a massive amount of Mustang cars which is particularly useful for the Mustang owner, that is, assuming they have the patience and time to search through all of the dead Mustangs to find the particular part they may be looking for.  

Car Graveyard. Source: (pinterest.com)

There are car graveyards all over – some large and some small. All these old cars have to go somewhere to die or they will clutter up someone’s yard which would not make their neighbors too happy. Fortunately, there are those who are willing to give them a good burial. No matter how good a car was in its day eventually has to give up the ghost and be hauled off somewhere to die.

New Car Graveyard. Source: (epicdash.com)

Not only do old cars get taken to graveyards to die but also new unsold cars. All those cars that have not sold before the end of the year have to be taken somewhere right? Most people think that they are just taken to a used car dealer but not so. They are not used cars. Because they have never been sold, what happens to them? These cars are taken to locations like the one in this picture to just simply rot and die. Places like this are all over the world – what a waste! The price of some new cars can be the price of a new home and they get taken somewhere to die when they are not sold?  

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