The Mystery Of The Gurdon Ghost Light

By | October 11, 2019

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The Gurdon Ghost Light. Source: (

About the only thing people can agree on regarding the Gurdon Ghost Light is that it actually exists. Not only has it been seen and photographed by numerous tourists, but it also appeared on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries in 1994. Anyone still questioning its existence need only visit Gurdon, Arkansas, and see it for themselves. The mystery of the Gurdon Light isn’t whether exists but rather why it exists. Despite the fact that the light was first reported almost ninety years ago, researchers have yet to determine what is causing it.

The light has been spotted along a four-mile stretch of Missouri-Pacific railroad track, about two and a half miles east of Highway 67. Accessing it requires hiking through a swamp, past two trestles, and an old cemetery. The light is a white-blue color, though it has sometimes appeared to be more orange, about eighteen inches wide and a foot tall, and shaped like a rugby ball. It sways back and forth as it moves along the horizon, about one to three feet above the tracks. It has occasionally been known to turn around at one end of the tracks and reappear at the other.

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Robert Stack, host of Unsolved Mysteries. Source: (

The mysterious light spawned a local legend which was included in the Unsolved Mysteries episode. According to the legend, the light comes from a lantern carried by the ghost of a railway worker. This is consistent with the way the light moves as well as the fact that the area in question is used by railways. The legend is based on the historically accurate account of a murder committed by a railroad worker named Louis McBride.