The Mysterious Moving Chase Coffins

By | October 11, 2019

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Chase Vault. Source: (

Moving coffins? Is that really possible? Fact or Fiction?

There are some very wild tales that float around. People love to tell ghost stories, especially during the Halloween season. Sometimes, though, those stories can actually be true stories.

How can a person know for sure especially when the story originated back in the 1800s?  

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Map of Barbados in 1736. Source: (

This particular story supposedly took place in Barbados in the Lesser Antilles. Sitting in the middle of an island was a church, Christ Parish Church, which also had a graveyard. The church was built in 1629 close to the water, but when high waters came through 40 years later, it was demolished. Later, in 1780, it was rebuilt farther away from the waters next to an old graveyard. There was an empty vault there as well that had been built in 1724 for James Elliot but was never used by him. The church itself had to be rebuilt three more times because of hurricanes or fires.