The Most Unique And Unusual Hotels

By | October 19, 2019

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Underwater Hotel. Source: (

Many places around the world entertain their guests by providing the most unique hotels that they can imagine.

What an extraordinary hotel this is! The Muraka is an underwater experience located on the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. It is an underwater two-story villa that sits over 16 feet below sea-level. Fish and other sea creatures probably think that they are actually viewing humans in an aquarium rather than the other way around. For those who wish to try it, it will cost a pretty penny at $50,000 a night but does include a private bar, gym, infinity pool, personal chef, and private boat. On the top floor, which is above the water, there is a deck to relax or sunbathe on.

The hotel was actually built in Singapore and then shipped to this island where they submerged it and nailed it with concrete pylons to keep it in place.

Besides this luxurious underwater hotel, there is also a five-star underwater restaurant called Ithaa as well as other villas that are located above the water.

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Igloo Village. Source: (Wikimedia Commons)

This igloo village is fascinating in that it is all made out of glass rather than ice and snow. The village is located in Finland and even though it may be freezing all around the igloos, inside are cozy little rooms where tourists have the opportunity to not only sleep under the stars but also catch some amazing views. With that kind of view, there presents the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.