The Life of Marie Antoinette

By | November 26, 2018

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Print depicting Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) Queen consort of France and Navarre and wife of King Louis XVI, besieged by a mob in the Tuileries. Dated 18th Century. (Photo by Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution. Turn a page backward in history to the 18th century. There were some troublesome times in that era with some disturbing facts. Take the life of Marie Antoinette, a life that was torn. Was justice served when she received her final sentence? Maybe. But was justice served when her own children had to suffer the consequences of her and her husband’s actions?

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Marie Antoinette hair

Born in 1755, Marie Antoinette was the 15th child and last daughter that her mother, Maria Teresa (Queen of Hungary and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire) gave birth to. She was quite fond of her wet-nurse, the woman who took care of her, Constance Weber. Many times she would give her and her son gifts. Schooled on religion and morality but not much on other topics, Antoine (as she was called back then) lacked in her speech and had a problem with concentration. At the age of 12, she was unable to write or speak French or German very well. She was able to speak Italian well though and she loved music.