The Life and Diary of Anne Frank

By | June 26, 2019

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Anne Frank and Her Diary. Source: (

Diaries used to be what young girls would use to write their innermost thoughts and feelings in and were usually about the boys they had crushes on or the friends they had. But this diary – the diary of Anne Frank was very different. Her life started out normal enough but by the time she was thirteen, there was nothing normal about her life at all.

Anne Frank and her family lived in Frankfurt, Germany where Anne was born in June of 1929. She had an older sister named Margot. Not long after Hitler and the Nazi Party won the election, which was 1934, the family moved to Amsterdam where they thought they would be safe. In Germany at that time, Jews were no longer safe as families were being taken from their homes and businesses and hauled away in cattle trucks. But, in Amsterdam, during that time everything was seemingly normal.  

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Anne Frank at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam. Source: (

Anne and her sister Margot were able to lead normal lives. They were both enrolled in school. Margot was very good at arithmetic while Anne excelled in reading and writing. Anne really loved writing and had dreams of becoming a writer one day.

By May of 1940, the Germans began invading the Netherlands and started persecuting the Jews there just as they had been doing in Germany. It started out slowly at first with the gradual taking away of their rights. First, they started out with mandatory registration and then segregation among other things. Anne and Margot were forced to go to an all Jewish school separating them from all non-Jewish students.