The History Of Cancer And Treatments

By | October 8, 2019

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Cancer. Source: (

Everywhere you turn, there is talk about cancer. Cancer is the most dreaded disease in all of history.

Like the common cold that no one can find a cure for, such as the case with cancer. There are so many false claims and reports from hopeful (or dishonest) people and products claiming that they have the “cure” and try to persuade you to buy their product or follow their advice.

It is believed that this dreaded disease has been around ever since at least 5000 B.C. but some even believe it existed in prehistoric times in dinosaurs.    

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Oldest Known Case of Human Cancer. Source: (

It is unknown when the actual first case of cancer occurred as there are conflicting accounts reported. One of the accounts determines that it was in 5000 B.C. where evidence of leukemia was found from the remains of a Neolithic woman who had lived in the area that is now Germany. Another account determines that it was in ancient Egypt when eight cases of breast tumors occurred where a hot instrument called a “fire drill” was used to cauterize them, but the timeframe differs among stories – 3000 or 1500 B.C. In this account, it was also stated that they believed there was no cure for it. Supposedly this was all recorded on papyrus and the Egyptians believed that the gods caused cancer.