The Golden Age Of Airplane Travel Compared To The Drudgery Of Today

Uncategorized | April 12, 2017

Written by Kennita Leon Rose

In light of recent events we thought we would take a look back at how air travel used to be compared to the complete mess it has become. 

United Airlines passenger being dragged off plane because the airline overbooked the flight.

The advancement of technology has been, for the most part, great, but there are things we wish we could take back, if only to get some more comfort while traveling. Not only are ticket prices through the roof now, but now airlines are overbooking flights to increase revenues resulting in passengers being forced to miss their booked and paid for flights. There are no more free pillows or earphones, hardly any free food and drinks and a lot less room to move around in. In the earlier years, getting around by plane was a production, something I think we all would enjoy today. Let's take a look at how travel has changed from then, to now. 

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