The First Movies Ever Made

By | January 17, 2019

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A scene from the silent film, 'The Great Train Robbery', directed by Edwin S Porter for Edison. Source: (

When was the first movie ever made?

The art of filmmaking started way back in the 1800s as techniques in photography led to creating moving pictures. The first actual silent film ever made was “The Great Train Robbery.” This first film, created in 1903 by Edwin S. Porter, was only a 10 minute western that was based on the legendary Butch Cassidy’s train heist that took place in 1900 in which Cassidy blew up a safe and got away with $5,000. 

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The Horse in Motion. Source: (

Before an actual movie was ever made though, it started with simply moving pictures or pictures in motion. The first attempts began in 1878 using multiple cameras. Called “The Horse in Motion,” Eadweard Muybridge put together individual pictures collected from the multiple cameras. He was an English photographer who pioneered work in motion picture projection. When asked by Leland Stanford, a racehorse owner, if all four of a horse’s hooves leave the ground when he trots, Muybridge took on the challenge to find out. By observing the pictures in motion, he was able to say emphatically “yes.”