'The fight is fixed': Legal expert slams Judge Cannon as 'MAGA activist in black robe'

By Ian Banks | May 15, 2024

Trump's luck

After leaving the White House, Donald Trump took classified documents with him, refused to return them, and was indicted by a grand jury last June after years of deception about the sensitive information he possessed.

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Former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance stated that the case could have been prepared for trial by December 2023 or January, but Trump's luck prevailed as the judge assigned to the case, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, had ties to the defendant, allowing Trump's appointee to determine the trial's timing and proceedings.

Trump's trial

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Recently, Judge Cannon made the formal decision that Trump's trial may never take place. She dismissed the scheduled May 20 start date, citing the need to address numerous complex issues that she must personally rule on before setting a new trial date.