The Duchess of Windsor

By | November 14, 2018

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Vogue 1937 (Photo by Cecil Beaton/Condé Nast via Getty Images)

Duchess of Windsor (aka Wallis Simpson) sitting on the grassy edge of a pond on the grounds of Châteaux de Candé, wears Schiaparelli dress in chiffon with wide, contrasting waistband, a hand-painted lobster on the front of the full skirt and random splashes of paint color near the square neckline and on the lower skirt.

The Duchess of Windsor knew how to get things stirred up in a big way. You might say she was somewhat of a heartbreaker as well. When it came to Prince Edward, soon to be the next king, his heart melted for her, which caused an international incident. He was willing to do anything for her, even abdicate his own throne.

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Wallis Warfield Simpson was born in Pennsylvania in 1896 but grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Because her father died not long after she was born, she and her mother were left to rely on their wealthier relatives for support. It was her uncle that they received the most support from as he was pretty well off. He sent her to the most expensive girls’ school in Maryland which is where she received the most training on how to be socially refined. After that, she began to travel in more privileged circles with the high society crowd, eventually rubbing shoulders with people like Lady Diana Cooper, Nancy Astor, Winston Churchill and many more politicians and socialites.