The Desert Sands of Ancient Egypt

By | May 1, 2019

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Desert in Egypt. Source: (

There is a lot more to Egypt than just the sands of its deserts. Even though there is no rain in Egypt, the Ancient Egyptian culture has produced historical achievements such as creative art forms, and an unusual writing system called hieroglyphics that uses pictures instead of words. Egypt’s water source came from the Nile River in which they built a unique irrigation system from to provide water for its inhabitants as well as provide rich produce.

Egypt’s early history began with a belief in the afterlife and a polytheistic view (belief in many gods) on religion. The Pharaohs of Egypt spared no expense on their tombs and included various types of jewelry and other items they believed they would need in their next life. Some Egyptian kings had their bodies wrapped as mummies before placing them in their adorned coffins.

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Camels – mode of transportation. Source: (

Camels first came to Egypt from Arabia in the 1st Century AD through the Nabataeans. In the desert, camels make the best transportation system. They can move smoothly and easily through the desert much like a boat moves on the water. What is even better is that they can go without food and water for many days. Besides using them for traveling through the desert, camels are also used for transporting cargo.