The '60s and '70s Unseen: Hidden Gems and Historical Insights Remembered

By Sarah Norman | March 20, 2024

Elvis and Priscilla together, green shag carpet and all, 1970s. 

Welcome to a journey through time, a step back into the mesmerizing world of the 1960s and 1970s – decades that defined an era of cultural transformation, rebellion, and artistic innovation. In this captivating slideshow gallery, we invite you to uncover a treasure trove of rare and nostalgia-inducing photographs that have been tucked away, hidden from the world's gaze for far too long.

These images are not just snapshots; they are windows into a bygone age, capturing the essence of moments that defined generations, from iconic events to candid glimpses of everyday life. As you embark on this visual adventure, prepare to be transported to a time when peace, love, and rock 'n' roll reigned supreme, and where the spirit of change permeated the air. Join us on this unforgettable journey as we rediscover the magic of the 60s and 70s through the lens of these seldom-seen, vintage photographs.

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Elvis and Priscilla Presley were a golden couple of their eras, with a whirlwind romance that began in Germany during Elvis' military service. After they married in 1967 at Graceland, they lived together happily until 1972 when they decided to separate - but if you had visited them around 1970-71 it would have been like walking into an iconic time capsule! The walls of their living room featured bright psychedelic wallpaper, while the floor was covered by lush green shag carpeting; this created such a unique atmosphere that made spending time with them even more special. 

Jane Seymour in a little, green crocheted crop top. (1970s.) 

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In the 1970s, Jane Seymour made a name for herself in Hollywood with her unique sense of style. One particular look that became iconic was when she wore an emerald-green crocheted crop top during filming - something which has since become synonymous with this era! Her outfit showed off both confidence and femininity while still maintaining an air of sophistication. Even after 40+ years have passed by, there are many fashionistas out there who continue to find inspiration from images like these as they recreate similar looks today.