Ten Things You Never Knew About Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs Home, "Twin Palms"

By | May 23, 2023

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Frank Sinatra was early to Palm Springs. He beat the jet setters and modern art collectors, he even arrived before many of his fellow celebrities. He showed up in the 1940s and turn the sleepy desert hamlet into a place where stars felt comfortable letting their hair down.

Ol' Blue Eyes initially arrived in Palm Springs on the hunt for a weekend getaway for his young family in the 1940s following his first major contract with MGM. He worked with architect E. Stewart Williams to craft a home that's not only become a piece of Sinatra history, but a Palm Springs landmark. 

Sinatra initially wanted a mansion

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As a young gun with money burning a hole in his pocket Sinatra really wanted his new neighbors to know that he was a big shot. Hence his request for Williams to design a Georgian-style mansion (lots of columns, very austere). In 1940, not only would this kind of palatial estate scream NEW MONEY at the top of its lungs but it wouldn't match our vision of Sinatra and the modern '50s and '60s that he imbues.