Surprising Facts About Laura Ingalls Wilder

By | March 4, 2019

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Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) as schoolteacher, 1887. Found in the collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Walnut Grove. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

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Laura Ingalls Wilder (L) and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane (R). Source: (

Did She Even Write The ‘Little House’ Books?

This question has been debated for years. One thing that is generally agreed upon is that Laura’s daughter Rose Wilder Lane worked on the books together. Historians agree that the "Little House" series was a product of collaboration between Wilder and her only daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. Rose Lane was a tabloid journalist and ghost-wrote autobiographies for celebrities. Rose is the one who pushed her mother to write her life story and eventually Laura got a publishing deal. Here is where the scholars disagree. Some say Rose basically wrote the books, while others say Rose was simply the editor of the books.