Sonora And Her Diving Horse

By | February 5, 2019

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ATLANTIC CITY, NY - CIRCA 1977: The Diving Horse Attraction at the Steel Pier circa 1977 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Source: (PL Gould/IMAGES/Getty Images)

A Diving Horse?

It is hard to imagine a horse with a rider jumping off a forty-foot tower into a twelve-foot pool! This stunt became a regular attraction in Atlantic City, but who even thought of it? Back in 1881 Doc Carver of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show was riding his horse across a wooden bridge when the bridge gave way, sending him and his horse into the river. This sparked an idea to put something like it into the show. They performed it for years. It was an amazing sight for the onlookers.

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Boardwalk at Million Dollar Pier, Atlantic City N.J. Source: (

From the Wild West to the Boardwalk

Doc Carver’s son, Al, was in charge of training and caring for the horses and his daughter Lorena was the first rider. They had two diving teams touring the country. Doc Carver passed away in 1927 and his son took over. He brought the show to Steel Pier in Atlantic City and it became a permanent attraction until the mid-seventies.