Rare Photos Reveal The Most Powerful and Important Inventions In History

By Sarah Norman | October 16, 2023

Air conditioning

Thanks to the many brilliant minds in history, we are able to have many modern comforts today. Can you imagine what life would be like without wheels, refrigeration, fire and writing? Of course many could argue that if they didn't invent it, someone later on in history would. But would these things be as technologically advanced if we had less time to hone them? The answer is probably no. So in the spirit of showing our gratitude, here are some of our favorite inventions from history that we are extremely thankful for today. 

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Air condition involves the removal of hot air from one enclosed space. In the 17th century air conditioning was provided by harvesting ice and placing it in areas of heat in an attempt to cool the area.

Which inventions have impacted your life the most? Make sure to comment below and share your personal interpretations of the impacts of each of these innovations in your life...

The "Pill"

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A heavily researched and widely used drug, the pill is used as an oral contraceptive to regulate levels of estrogens and androgens and progesterone throughout the body..a hormone altering drug that reduces the chance of pregnancy by 99.99%.  Can you imagine the impact this drug has had on the world?  How do you think it has affected our society?