Rare Photographs You Will Never See In History Books

By Jack Ripley | May 30, 2023

A group photograph of Japanese officers taken by Felice Beato, Japan late 1860s ⚔️

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source: reddit

This shot of Japanese officers looks incredibly grand in gorgeous color, but the thing that really brings it all out is the composition. Felice Beato was one of the first photographers to travel to East Asia and capture shots of men and women going about their every day lives.

With these officers Beato corralled them into a kind of class photo setting, allowing each of them to show their indolence while providing the through line of their heritage. It’s a really cool way of presenting the rest of the world with such a grand display of elegance.

Beato’s photographs gave the western world a peek into a place that they’d only heard about, and his work formed the basis of how we think about the Japanese to this day.

Colorized photo of Eleanor Roosevelt, age 14. From a school photo in 1898

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source: reddit

Wow, this is an entirely new way of seeing one of the most well known First Ladies in history. All of the color photographs that we’ve seen of her are from her time in office, but this shot of her as a young woman is absolutely stunning in all of its colorful glory.

Born in New York City, Eleanor wasn’t long for the city. She spent most of her teens at Allenswood Academy, a school for girls in England. While at the academy she excelled in her studies, and by the time she returned to the city she was already serving as a volunteer teacher for impoverished immigrant children at Manhattan’s Rivington Street Settlement House.

It’s clear that she had her eyes on making the world a better place, and it’s amazing and inspiring to know that she started so young.