People With a Higher IQ Are More Likely to be Liberal

By Mike Fishmore | May 14, 2024

Political parties

As individuals mature into adulthood, their political leanings become more defined. Even a twenty-year-old may not express their political views eloquently, but they typically exhibit inclinations towards a particular ideology or political stance. 

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Numerous factors influence individuals' engagement in civil rights and their allegiance to political parties. Chief among these factors is the family, particularly parents who play a pivotal role in shaping their children's ideological beliefs either through direct political discussions or indirect influence. Additionally, variables such as gender, religion, race, and ethnicity contribute to individuals' political orientations.

Recent study

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However, a recent study highlights an often overlooked aspect in this discourse that transcends upbringing. Researchers have discovered that both IQ levels and genetic markers linked to intelligence play a significant role in shaping individuals' political affiliations. The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities researchers found a correlation between intelligence and a spectrum of left-wing and liberal political beliefs.