Oldest Buildings Around The World

WORLD HISTORY | December 3, 2019

Malta Swiatynia. Source: (Wikipedia)

Old buildings around the world can be intriguing because it reminds us of a timeframe that is unfamiliar to ours.

These megalithic temples that were created back in 3500 to 2500 B.C. are located on the islands of Malta. Some of these structures are older than dirt making them some of the oldest buildings in the world. It is believed that the buildings were used as temples because of the altars that were found. There were three phases of temples which include Ggantija, Saflieni, and Tarxien.  

Pyramid of Djoser. Source: (Flickr)

Located in Egypt, of course, this pyramid is a fascinating structure. It was built between 2667 and 2648 B.C. becoming a royal tomb for the second king of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. He had reigned for 19 years. There is a 10.5m high wall that surrounds this pyramid as well as a trench that measures 750m long and 40m wide. The roofed entrance has a ceiling that was made out of limestone and made to look like tree trunks which lead to two open doors with 20 pairs of columns that look like plant stem bundles. Imhotep has been credited as being the builder of this complex.    

Sechin Bajo. Source: (Wikipedia)

Located about 210 miles from Lima, Peru, Sechin Bajo was one of the oldest civilization sites in the Western Hemisphere and on earth. It was constructed around 3500 B.C. to 1300 B.C. The Sechin Bajo area is about 91 acres with three buildings built at different times. The latter buildings were built on top of the first building but built much larger than the first one. Initially, they were used as public squares but eventually were abandoned and used as a graveyard.  

Borchgrevingk’s Huts, Cape Adare, Antarctica. Source:(wondermondo.com)

The Borchgrevingk’s Huts are the oldest buildings in Antarctica and located in Cape Adare. These huts were wooden prefabs from Norway made in 1899. These huts, along with three other huts named Discover Hut (1902), Shackleton’s Hut (1908), and Scott’s Hut (1911) formed four Antarctic bases that were made by pioneers before World War I. These buildings were the first buildings where humans lived in Antarctica.    

Elizabeth Farm House in Sydney, Australia. Source: (pinterest.com)

Constructed in 1793 by John and Elizabeth Macarthur, the Elizabeth Farmhouse is the oldest house in Sydney. The farmhouse is enclosed with a vineyard, orchard, and garden. The house was made of brick and originally contained four rooms, hall, cellar, kitchen, servants’ quarters and offices. In 1805, an additional bedroom was added that was located behind the drawing-room as well as verandahs and then later a third kitchen that was built in 1820. They created a very successful farm with many types of vegetables and other crops as well as having great success in the wool industry.

Old Ursuline Convent in New Orleans, Louisiana. Source: (Wikipedia)

This old convent was started in 1726 by nuns of the Ursuline Convent of Rouen. They started this convent in New Orleans that included a hospital. The nuns took in young girls to educate them. The first construction was started in 1727 and finished in 1734. It was not built appropriately for the humid climate of New Orleans so a second building was done and completed in 1751. The convent is one of history’s most important structures as it reminds us of the French colonial period.

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