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WORLD HISTORY | December 8, 2019

Old Abandoned Glory Hole Gold Mine. Source: (pinterest.com)

Old abandoned mines from the past can be intriguing and interesting. They have an air of mystery to them with shadows of the people who once occupied them. Gold miners who would work the mines to try to make their fortunes is a perfect example. Copper mines and silver mines were also a big part of the mining industry. Of course, there were the coal mines as well, but coal mining was a way of making a living and not a way of becoming wealthy. Coal mining caused health risks to the miners because of breathing in the coal dust. A lot of coal miners lost their lives inside of the mines or later from health hazards.  

Inside of Abandoned Mine Near Spruce Mountain, Nevada. Source: (Wikimedia)

This is just one of the mines that were active beginning in 1869 and ending around 1952. It started when lead-silver ore was discovered. In just a few months, nearly 100 miners had flocked to the area and started producing new mines. The result was three new mining districts with one of them being Spruce Mountain. The most productive year for Spruce Mountain was 1945 with over $300,000 worth of ore. By 1961, it had slowed down to a complete halt and the area became a ghost town. Now it is a place for tourists to come visit.  

Abandoned Mine San Xavier, Arizona. Source: (Wikimedia)

This particular mine has a face with eyes and a mouth. It looks as if it would swallow you up. There are many other abandoned mines in Arizona. Some of them are oddly shaped but usually they are horizontal mines; however, there are some that are vertical. Many of these mines are considered to be “lost” mines, but there are “treasure hunters,” who follow the legends, that are still searching for them.

Binghamite. Source: (Wikipedia)

An odd-looking stone called Binghamite is an agate stone that is found near iron ore. This multi-colored gem was located near Crow Wing County, Minnesota and is only found on the Cuyuna iron range. It was William Bingham who discovered it in 1936; and therefore, the stone was named after him. This gem is believed by some to have special “powers” or “energies” that come from elves or faeries to bring you good fortune and other benefits.  

Sharkham Point Iron Mine. Source: (Wikipedia)

This iron mine was in operation as early as 1790 shipping ore to South Wales and West Hartlepool. It continued to operate until about 1914 or 1915 when most of the mining in the area decreased. There are many levels to this mine with 6 shafts and 5 quarries. Rustproofing paint was invented by John Rendall in 1849 who, through Richard Wolston, was able to manufacture it. It is believed that the manufacturing of this paint was part of the reason for obtaining the iron ore from the mine.

Most of these abandoned mines are simply left abandoned, but there are a few that have been restored enough to be safe for allowing tourists to visit and enjoy a piece of history.

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