Now And Then - WW2 Edition

By | February 19, 2017

World War II was a time of great unrest and uncertainty , soldiers roamed the streets of cities at war , casualties bodies laid out on open streets and fear remained in the hearts of those who opposed the impeding powers. Now these cities are a far cry from the madness that lingered in the past , these photos show the stark contrast of World War II verses the peacefulness that now resides.

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A beat up soldier lays his head to rest along a wall on Rue Armand Leveel in France whilst another looks on. The city of Cherbourg was a strategic point during both world wars and was host to a large garrison of the navy and was known as a marine hospital. Now Cherbourg-Octevile is known for stopovers for cruises and its nautical atmosphere.

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An American soldier running through the streets on Avenue de Paris in Cherbourg 1944. Documents and stories show that American soldiers raped and killed their French allies and German women as well. All is not fair in love and war and France suffered greatly in the battle.