Major DC Car Dealer Sounds Alarm Over Feds' EV Push

By Mike Fishmore | May 2, 2024

Multiple dealerships

A prominent car dealer in the Washington, D.C. region raised concerns about customers' lack of interest in electric vehicles, despite the Biden administration's support for EV production and the impending bans on internal combustion engines by several states.

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Paul LaRochelle, the vice president of Sheehy Auto Stores with multiple dealerships spanning from Hagerstown, Md., to Richmond, Va., highlighted that it is not just his own opinion or that of other dealers pushing back against the government, but rather the sentiments of the customers themselves.

Specific car

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During an interview on "The Ingraham Angle," LaRochelle shared an incident where a customer inquired about a specific car in one of Sheehy's showrooms.