Major 2nd Amendment Victory In California

By Daniel Walker | March 23, 2024

Notable win

In a significant legal development, a federal district court has struck down California's law limiting gun purchases to one every 30 days, citing unconstitutionality.

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The ruling, granted by U.S. District Judge William Hayes, is a notable win for gun rights advocates and has sparked discussions about Second Amendment protections and historical precedents for firearm regulations.

Historical precedent

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The case, known as Nguyen v. Bonta, was filed in December 2020 and challenged California’s One-Gun-A-Month (OGM) purchase law. Judge Hayes’ ruling, based on the NYSRPA v. Bruen Supreme Court case, emphasized the constitutional protection of conduct covered by the plain text of the Second Amendment. The lack of historical precedent for laws similar to the OGM law was a pivotal factor in the ruling, leading to the granting of a motion for summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs.