Mae West: Come Up And See Me Sometime!

By | May 21, 2024

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Mae West at the age of 86. Source: (

Mae West: The Later Years

Mae West left Hollywood and created a nightclub act, which was very successful. She wrote her autobiography, ‘Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It.’ She appeared on a few television shows as a guest and even recorded a couple of albums. In the 1970s she made a couple more movies. Her last movie, ‘Sexlette’ came out in 1978. It was not a huge success at the time. Mae West passed away at the age of 87 after suffering debilitating strokes. She will always be remembered for her one-liners and pushing the envelope.

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1932: Dressed in a sequined gown, Mae West (1893 - 1980) lounges with a cigarette in her first screen role as Maudie in 'Night After Night', directed by Archie Mayo. Source: (Photo by Irving Lippman/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Image)

The Early Years

Mae West was born in New York City in 1893. She began performing on Broadway in a stock company. She met Frank Wallace and became part of his vaudeville act. She ended up marrying Frank when she was only seventeen years old. She kept this marriage a secret for several years and claimed that she and Frank never lived together as husband and wife. She divorced him in 1920.