Lost Photos That Show A New Side Of History

CULTURE | May 11, 2023

A photo from the Bush to Obama transition - First Lady Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush, Sasha Obama, and Malia Obama. (2009)

Source: Google

During the transition between the Bush and Obama presidencies in 2008. the Bush family went out of their way to make sure that the young Obama girls felt at home in their new space, something that can be daunting for anyone but especially two girls who were about to become huge fixtures in the public eye.

While looking back on the transition, Jenna Hager Bush wrote about her time showing the Obama girls around the White House. She wrote on Instagram:

Twelve years ago (!!!) today—I drove from my job teaching in Baltimore to meet my mom and sister in DC to show the next residents of this house their new home. Barbara and I taught the girls how to slide down the banister and all the secrets of the White House we loved as little girls—the best hiding spots, the movie theatre, and bowling alley. We showed them our rooms that would soon be theirs. Twelve years! PS I love my 'teacher outfit' it makes me nostalgic for that time.

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