Lost Photos That Show A New Side Of History

By Sarah Norman | September 18, 2023

Step into a world where the past comes alive in ways you've never seen before. We invite you to explore a treasure trove of rarely seen vintage photos that not only redefine familiar narratives but also shine a light on untold tales that have remained hidden for too long.

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil snapshots of history that defy expectations. While you might be familiar with the glitzy glamor of Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood or the fierce presence of Mike Tyson in the boxing ring, these unearthed images show a side of these legends that few have had the privilege to witness. Moments frozen in time capture their vulnerability, determination, and the human essence behind the fame.

Venture forth and let the past captivate you in ways you never thought possible. These images are more than just photographs; they are windows into the hearts and souls of those who came before us. Continue reading to unearth the hidden gems that await—each click is a step towards redefining your understanding of history.

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Mike Tyson was only 20 years old when Nintendo released Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, one of the most formative games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Minoru Arakawa, the former president of Nintendo of America, saw Tyson in a match and knew that he was the perfect guy to be the game's head boss. It makes sense, the guy was an absolute monster in the ring.

Tyson jumped at the opportunity and his character was able to knock out fighters with one punch. The game was released right when Tyson took the unified heavyweight title and became the most famous boxer on the planet. Unfortunately, after selling more than a million copies Tyson only made $50,000 off the deal.

Marilyn Monroe photographed in 1962.

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Source: by Bert Stern

By 1962, Marilyn Monroe was easily the most famous woman on the planet. This blonde bombshell was known just as much for her romantic life as she was her work. Longing to be free of the ever watchful eye of the press, Monroe went inside herself. She used drugs and alcohol to escape, and she hid away from the real world as much as possible before her death that August.

But Monroe was also the kind of person who could turn her charm on with the flick of an intangible switch. Taken months before her death from an overdose of prescription medication, this photo shows the power that she held even when she was at her worst. It's a shame that someone with such an inherent and natural internal and external beauty was so dragged down by the press that she had to take her own life.