Living In The Dust Bowl

By | February 12, 2019

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Dust storms affecting Cimarron County, Oklahoma, USA, April 1936. The Dust Bowl was a series of devastating dust storms that affected the prairies of the United States and Canada. Source: (

What Exactly Was The Dust Bowl?

Over the span of eight years, dust storms had become commonplace whereas in the past they were very rare. The air was very dry and static charges would even short out cars! People didn’t want to shake hands because the electric shock was so strong it could knock a person over! The storms blew huge drifts of dust and sand that buried barns, homes, pastures, and livestock. Around 850 million tons of topsoil blew away in 1935.

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Map of United States showing the area of the country affected by dust storms. Source: (

Where Did The Dust Bowl Happen

In the early 1900s the southern plains, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas, was thought of as the last frontier of agriculture. Due to WWI, the price of wheat had risen dramatically. The government created generous assistance programs to encourage people to settle in the southern plains and farm. Thousands of people settled in the area and began farming.