Legendary Grannies: Hags in Celtic Myths

By | March 31, 2019

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You may picture Celtic goddesses as beautiful, young women with flowing red hair, but some of the most powerful goddesses in Scottish and Irish lore are hags. In fact, hags feature prominently in myths and stories of the British Isles. The hag is a complex character. On one hand, hags are healers who are especially useful to women during childbirth. But on the other hand, hags can be fearsome destroyers of life, as well. Let’s look at the role of the hag in Celtic mythology. 

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Hags are Old and Ugly

According to Celtic folklore, hags are old woman. They appear to be frail and decrepit but are really quite strong and spry when they need to be. Hags have long white or gray hair and wear rough woolen cloaks. Most myths claim the hag was the mother of all the other gods and goddesses.