Lebensborn: The Nazi Baby Factory

By | November 23, 2018

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German Women Carrying Children On An Alleged Aryan Purity In A Lebensborn, Selection Center Births By Methods Eugenicists During The Second World War. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

The ultimate goal of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party was to create a superior race of people, the Aryan race, made up of racially pure, healthy, beautiful Germans. To this end, the SS initiated a program known as Lebensborn that, in a sense, became a Nazi baby factory. The Lebensborn, which had the full support of the German government, kidnapped babies and young children, encouraged unwed mothers to birth multiple babies, and sent SS agents to rape beautiful women to produce perfect babies. 

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A lot of Babies were Needed to Build a Perfect Race

The Lebensborn program was a way for the government to drastically increase the Aryan birth rate. These so-called ‘perfect’ children, were to grow up and further increase the racial purity of the Germans and spread the beautiful Germanic people to all parts of Europe, for an eventual takeover. The more perfect, blonde people, the better.