Kevin O'Leary's Sharp Rebuke Of AOC: 'What A Horrific Manager'

By Daniel Walker | May 25, 2024

AOC's resistance

Note: This article was originally published on our sister site and has been republished with permission.

During a conversation with former Fox News host Tyrus, Kevin O'Leary expressed his views on New York City and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

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The Daily Show

O'Leary criticized AOC, asserting that he wouldn't rely on her to manage a candy store.

Horrific manager

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Face The Nation

“I look at AOC, what an incredible, incredibly successful politician she is, and what a horrific manager she is. Her jurisdiction looks like a third-world country, and yet she’s great at social media and making outrageous statements and getting five dollars at a time on every way she can on social media,” O’Leary said. “Good for her.”