Jen Psaki forced to retract false book claim that Biden did not check his watch during ceremony

By Ian Banks | May 15, 2024

Former boss

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki is facing pressure to retract a false statement from her recent book, where she claimed that President Biden did not glance at his watch during the dignified transfer of 13 U.S. troops who lost their lives in the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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In her book "Say More," released in May 2024, Psaki criticized critics of her former boss, accusing them of using the moment to portray him as indifferent and only concerned about the passage of time. She alleged that he only checked his watch after the ceremony concluded.

Evidence from photos

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Axios was the first to highlight the inaccuracy in Psaki's book. Evidence from photos, videos, and media fact-checkers during the ceremony had already confirmed Biden's action of not acknowledging the families of the fallen soldiers.