Impossible for Trump to Post Bond Covering $454M Civil Fraud Judgment

By Daniel Walker | March 20, 2024

Trump to Post Bond Covering $454M

Former President Donald Trump's lawyers told an appellate court that it is not possible for Trump to post an appeal bond covering the full $454 million civil fraud judgment against him as he appeals the ruling.

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via NBC

The recent legal saga involving former President Trump and the New York civil fraud judgment has thrust the ex-president into a precarious position, as he faces the daunting task of posting a bond covering a staggering $454 million penalty while navigating an intricate web of legal complexities and financial constraints.

Needs to post collateral

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via Fox News

Trump would need to post collateral of over $557 million to obtain such a bond, but his lawyers say after approaching 30 surety companies through multiple brokers, the defendants have been unable to secure a bond of that size given the circumstances.