How Many 70s Shows Can You Name?

ENTERTAINMENT | August 7, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman


Get ready to embark on a groovy journey down memory lane as we dive into a captivating slideshow gallery and quiz dedicated to the unforgettable TV shows of the 1970s. Brace yourselves for a nostalgic ride filled with laughter, drama, and memorable moments that shaped a generation. From the groundbreaking humor of All in the Family to the hilarious escapades of Three's Company, and the heartfelt camaraderie of MASH, this quiz will test your knowledge and bring back the familiar faces and catchy theme songs that once lit up your TV screens. So, dust off your bell-bottoms, turn up the disco tunes, and join us on this exciting trip through television history. Can you guess the shows from their iconic moments? Let's find out! Keep reading, and let the trivia challenge begin!

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