How Designs Have Changed Throughout History

By | October 16, 2019

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Ever thought about becoming an interior designer? Looking back in time, some of the designs that we consider to be antique designs are still used today to purposely create unique atmospheres. For example, some people love to have their home designed in an early American style to remind them of those days. What was common to the people back then is unique to us today.

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Take this bedroom from medieval times – it looks like a bedroom that Granny Clampet would feel right at home in. This is a very basic design using mostly wood.

Interior designers began designing as far back as the Ancient Egyptians with their mud huts decorated with sculptures, murals, and animal skins. Romans and Greeks decorated their homes with simple items such as ironworks of pots, pans, and other related utensils. Then there was the era of the French Renaissance where decorators decorated with paintings, marble, and expensive furniture. After that, there was the Italian style that included stained glass. By the 19th century, there were numerous styles such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, and others.