Historical Imaginary Heroes That Children Believe In

By | December 12, 2019

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Sunday open for sale in several Thuringian cities-(Photo by Bodo Schackow. Source: (Getty Images)

08 December 2019, Thuringia, Erfurt: A reindeer figure with Santa Claus is standing at the entrance of the shopping centre Anger 1. On 08.12.2019 many shops were open in several Thuringian cities.

-Spoiler Alert to children (and adults) who believe in these “imaginary” people.-

Traditions have been passed down through the years of telling children bedtime stories, fairy tales, and tales of people that no one has ever seen. These unseen people include Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny as well as superheroes from comic books that possess some special power. Each one in some way has an attraction that children are drawn to that causes them to believe in them. It may be their magical ability to perform certain “miracles” to fulfill something they desire to have happened.

Some imaginary figures actually came from real people. Santa Claus came from a man who was named Saint Nicholas who was a bishop during the 4th century. He was born in Asia Minor and became bishop after moving to Turkey. He actually died in December, but there are stories that say he was a generous man.

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Fairy Tales. Source: (wikipedia.org)

Many debate over whether it is okay for children to be allowed to believe in these heroes. A lot depends upon how the parents choose to teach their children and what their belief system is. There are certainly negatives and positives on both sides of the debate. On one hand, the parent could be considered lying to their child, for instance, if they tell them there is a Santa Claus, tooth fairy, or Easter bunny.

One of the reasons for this is because the child may not believe anything else they tell them later when they find out that what they believed in was a lie. On the other hand, what harm is being done in allowing a child to have a sense of anticipation of gaining something nice or some kind of magical hope for their future? The reality is, in both cases, harmful effects are possible.